About RessaBuilt

Ressa Construction is a second-generation family business that has remained in continuous operation in the metropolitan Washington DC region (DMV) since 1976. Joe Ressa has spent the last several decades significantly expanding the scope and complexity of projects, and building a team of men and women who have an attitude of service and pride in our workmanship.


Our mission

To deliver exceptional custom homes and renovations, providing our clients with a positive experience and peace of mind.

Our vision

We are constantly working to improve management, logistics, communication and workmanship to positively enhance the client experience.

Our Principles

1. Respect and listen to our clients
2. Work as a Team
3. To maintain communication and relations with our trade partners
4. To remain organized and maintain constant training
5. Hold yourself accountable
6. Be honest with your team
7. Exercise patience everyday
8. Be Prepared, but be resourceful
9. Be transparent at all times
10. Be constantly learning

Maximize Your Investment


Move Up, Stay Put
Expand your living space without moving to some unknown neighborhood. Ensure continuity for you, your family and your ties to the community.
Fit In, Stand Out
Stay in tune with the architecture in your area. Live in harmony with your neighbors. But, distinguish your home in its appearance, size and conveniences.
Blend Old and New
Retain the good parts of your home. Enhance them with more space and interesting details. Improve your creature comforts such as kitchens and baths.

Be Confident


Plan, Plan, Plan
Rest assured that, "what you get" in the end is, "what you wanted" in the first place. Rely on RessaBuilt to achieve this goal.
Schedule and Build
RessabuiltTM means on time, on track and on budget. Place your project in our capable hands to produce predictable results-from start to finish.
Anticipate and Manage
Surprises and contingencies. Trust Ressa Construction, Inc. to handle the unforeseen, to keep your project moving ahead, always.

Be Discerning With Whom You Partner


Use good judgement
This is not the time to be impulsive. Ask the hard questions.
Do your homework.
Check references! Take the time to make the phone calls. A conversation is more telling than a review on the web.
Take the necessary time
Our Production Team works from 8 am-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Take the time off work, just as you would for a doctor’s appointment or a dentist appointment. Think of this consultation as you would an appointment with a surgeon (which would be scheduled during the normal work day). We will be operating on your home and you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It warrants proper time and attention.

our portfolio





Our Superheroes



Joe Ressa

Captain America


Joe is the first person you will meet. He is responsible for the overall operation and resources of RessaBuilt, focusing on business development, contract negotiations, creation of budget projection and project specification sheets, analysis of blueprints, quality control, and ensuring project integrity. Joe secures all business by personal recommendation. He collaborates with architects during the project from conception to completion and has successfully remodeled over 825 homes. He is recognized in the industry and by clients as having peerless integrity and by his contribution of time and service to the Kiwanis Club of DC.


Amy Ressa


Selections Coordinator

The Selections Coordinator establishes all selections for each project. She advises client of the dates which all decisions must be finalized for each selection for the successful completion of the project. These selections will be added to Builder Trend for the owners review and approval. After selections are approved she procures, coordinates and manages the allowances and selections. Amy has a close liaison with both the client and the Project Manager. Amy is the nurturing spirit of our enterprise.


Gaston R. Salinas


Director of Operations

Gaston Is responsible for planning and coordinating our procedures and systems. He ensures all policies and practices established are adhered to by our employees. He is constantly devising ways to streamline our processes. He is involved in virtually every aspect of our business, and is tasked with ensuring it all runs smoothly.


Laura Frappollo

Captain Marvel

Book Keeping & HR Manager

Her Superpowers are ability to multi task, communication skills, strong sense of ethics, leadership, critical thinking skills and courage.


Lucho Barron


Production Manager

Lucho is responsible for leading our team in a fast paced and busy production environment. He provides clear direction to our Project Managers and effectively sets expectations and tireless follow through. He has the unique ability to make important decisions in high pressure situations without losing his equilibrium in the process.

Project Managers


Your Project Manager (PM) procures and receives materials used for your project, manages our trade partners and ensures the quality of the workmanship. Your PM is on site daily and he is the person with whom you get questions answered, review upcoming tasks and is accountable for keeping your calendar. When the project is nearing completion, he will schedule the final project review to go over the plan for completing outstanding details to FINISH STRONG and set the date for the ORANGE ribbon cutting ceremony.
SUPER POWERS -Logistics, communications, respect and accountability


Mark Poirier


Project Manager


Daniel Haro

Star Lord

Project Manager


Rick Alcantara

Professor X

Project Manager


Alan Bowen


Project Manager


Chris Thomas


Project Manager


Finish Carpenter - Remodel Whisperer


Your finish carpenters will be on site to ensure the aesthetic beauty of your remodel. They provide the high quality “finishing touches” that make a home more beautiful. Although finish carpentry generally comes in nearer the tail-end of a house building project, our finish carpenters can be called on at any time. They work with tools that allow them precision and little room for error.
SUPER POWERS-Mechanical skill, precision, artistic, and dedicated


Mario Henriquez

The Silver Surfer

Finish Carpenter - Remodel Whisperer


Napoleon Otero

The Green Lantern

Finish Carpenter - Remodel Whisperer


Pastor Otero


Finish Carpenter - Remodel Whisperer