Our Strengths

RessabuiltTM means on time, on track and on budget. Period. We do not like surprises and disappointments anymore than you or anyone else. That is exactly why we have carefully developed the strengths listed here.

Precise Estimates
Our reputation is built on referrals. We know from experience, nothing affects a customer's opinion about our business more than how well we manage project costs. That is why we are obsessed with accurate estimates and thorough plans. When it comes to exacting estimates, Ressa Construction, Inc. has no equals.

Personable Service
We understand. Construction projects can be messy, chaotic and sometimes unpredictable. That is why we stay in touch-all of the time-by phone and email and through a continuing presence on our job sites. Our customers never need to wonder where we are-or when we will show up.

Predictable Results
Our primary purpose is to match-as close as your budget will allow-the completed project with your original ideas. If something needs to be or ought to be changed, we first talk it through with you. Then, we determine cost variables if any and adjust the schedule accordingly. This enables you to make good decisions as we all continue to move ahead as agreed.

Praiseworthy Quality
Simply put, there is only one acceptable output for your project. The materials, fit and finish all satisfy the original design requirements. Everyone at Ressa Construction, Inc. takes pride in our workmanship. We firmly believe our customers deserve the very best quality, the same standards we use on our own homes.

No matter what your interest, contact us for a prompt reply. We are always open to exploring the possibilities. If we are not the very best choice for your project, we will suggest alternative resources through one of our architect partners such as, Rast Architectural Studio, Inc.