Our Specialty

The construction market has many variations and companies with the appropriate capabilities for-new construction, home improvement, renovation and repair. Each of these segments requires a distinctive set of skills and experience. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to work with contractors who excel within their own slice of the market.

When it comes to additions and remodeling, Ressa Construction, Inc. stands out in every respect-especially for mid-range to upper-bracket additions and remodeling projects.

That holds true for our partners as well. We are all experts in the practice of adding onto-and enhancing from within-existing structures built over the past century. These skills require much more than just fixing things up or building from scratch.

In particular, Ressa Construction, Inc. engages subcontractors that possess the specific expertise required for additions and remodeling. Not only do our partners know how things should be built today, they also know how things were built in years gone by. Because of that experience, our projects seamlessly transition the old to the new.

Sophisticated additions and extensive remodeling are our specialty. Ressa Construction, Inc. is organized and managed to perform at its best with this type of construction. Call us, or use the contact page, so that we can explore how our capabilities can support your project.